Derby Ingredients Ltd. is no ordinary business, that’s why we look for extraordinary people; degree, no degree, it’s unimportant to us, as we recognize it’s all about passion, drive, personality and dynamic people, so what you don’t know, we’ll teach you…..

We see work as a ‘journey’ not just a ‘job’, where the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, work hard (be rewarded for it) and play hard should be an exciting and enjoyable experience and one you can’t wait to get out of bed for! …..working with us, not for us (as we are a team who supports each other), will never be a grind, it will be a fun journey and one we hope you never forget…..

We’re always interested in hearing from new people, even when we’re not hiring, as when the time comes to hire, we’ve already done our homework and know who we’ll be approaching… will always get a response from us, as in true British style, it would be rude not to…, come and introduce yourself, as we don’t bite…..